Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Beyond the Rack ...

Is it just me or does "Beyond the Rack" sound like the name of some book a porn star or maybe Dolly Parton would write? So, I sign up for a bunch of crap because I love a good deal. I have found though that some people are way better shoppers then myself, because when I finally pay attention and see a sale is going on on a specific designer I like, either my size is gone or it's SOLD OUT! And I'll admit, I get a little pissy when I see something good I missed. I also know, that's part of the game.

I have 2 websites that you may wanna check out from time to time. Both websites require you to sign up for them, and they both will send you emails about sales they are having. Some sales are only for 24HOURS. I assume it's because they probably don't carry a huge amount of stock, so it sells out pretty fast. The 1st one is . NOW before you click on it you should know this is a luxury designer site. Think Prada, Christian Louboutin's, Dolce & Gabbana. So the SALE price is still pricey. But I have honestly seen some CL's for as cheap as $150/$200. So you may get lucky and stumble upon the best deal of your life, or you'll think "I really wish I was Oprah!!" Either way, you now have the website.

The 2nd site is This site has a little of everything. Clothes, shoes, accessories, house decor. They also carry all kinds of designers. I've seen Oscar de la Renta to BCBGeneration to Ray Ban. I've also seen MAC make-up & Smashbox will be having a big sale tomorrow. So I've seen $20 shoes, and $700 jackets. Just depends on what designer they are featuring that day. This site is a little different then envite. If you add something to your bag you have 20minutes to actually buy it or it goes back into stock for others to buy. They will only "reserve" it for you for 20minutes. So something could say "Reserved by others" but become available at any time until it sales out. They call them "events", and some events are gay like Christian Audigier aka the higher end of Ed Hardy but everything is separate, so you don't have to click on anything your not interested in seeing.

OH, and one more thing. I have found that you can find some decent shoe deals on amazon. It looks like they all sell some kind of stock to amazon, and sometimes it will say "add to cart to see price" because Amazon is selling it way below the market, and by contract they can't advertise that you can buy these Steve Madden wedges here on Amazon for $24 when they are $79 everywhere else. It will say price $24-$79.00, and once you add to your cart the price is the lowest most times. Sometimes it depends on the size you're needing too. I know this, because I looked it up in Amazon's FAQ ;)

Happy Shopping!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Good Deal

I just wanted to share this find. As some will know already, lace is a hot trend right now. It adds that tiny bit of sexy, without looking trashy. I bought some lace shoes already this season, and paid the same amount as these.

Happy Shopping,

Friday, February 25, 2011

Things to Consider

3 Tricks to Make Your Legs Look Longer.

The right shoes, skirts and pants can give anyone a super-leggy look.

* Wear clean line heels. The sleek shape and added height make you look long & lean. Peep toes & almond toe pumps with low cut sides work best.

*Try an above the knee skirt. On every figure, it's just the right amount of leg. Pair the skirt, with sleeveless top & wide belt.

*Go for wide-leg trousers/pants with a heel. I know some of you will pass on this, but you should at least try some on. I can't wait to wear some with with tanks, wedges & big jewelry. Or a flowy top.

The Outfit Makers

*Color Block Heels - Bursts of color, rich suede and leather make pumps, peep-toes & sandals super fun this season,

*Color Block Bags - In notice me hues and neutrals with gold details, classic carryalls are surprisingly versatile

*Natural Accessories - In earthy materials like canvas, raffia, wood and leather. Bags, shoes and more look fresh but sophisticated.

*Breastplate Necklaces - Mixed metals, over-sized pendants, and colorful tones make your outfit totally unique.

*Wide Belts - In everything from snakeskin to bold gold and shiny black. These hot styles are a great way to add some spice to your outfit.

It's ALL about the 70's This Season

This retro-cool look is BACK with tons of fresh updates. Try the trend with high-waisted flares, silky tops, chunky platforms, floppy hats, BIG sunglasses. I gotta say, I'm super excited about this. While I was born in the 70's technically, I always felt I belonged here. Maybe cause my parents were hippies? I don't know, nor care because I can now totally rock this inner hippie.

*My Latest Finds - So when I went shopping with my Mom last weekend I was able to find some really good deals. The flat sandals I found at Marshalls for $24. They are a snakeskin multi metal color. The Nine West wedges I found at Ross for $26. I also looked up the Nine West website & the Steve Madden website and found that they are actually still selling the both shoes. Sandals were $45, and the wedges were $80. I had never went to either Ross or Marshalls before and a few friends suggested I go. I'm not much of a sifter because I don't have the patience, so I'm sure they had some cute tops. I'd suggest adding it to your rotation every now & then. The Jessica Simpson necklace was at Dillards for $15, and that was before the extra 40% off they are doing now through Saturday. So I'd hit up Dillards in the next 24hours if you have the time for shoes, bags & jewelry.

Happy Shopping,

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Spring 2011 MUST HAVE'S

So, as I have stated before I am a magazine junkie. Mostly because I swear I should be famous for something, or I should have a friend who is. But alas, I'm not famous and neither are my friends so I must pretend. For over a year now, I have added People's Style Watch magazine to my rotation. It doesn't come out every week, so it's only like a monthly thing. Anyways, anything that I say here on this blog will more then likely come from there, so that's a really nice source of information. At the very least, it can guide you into the right direction. I honestly think fashion is still hugely based around your personal style. I don't like all the new Spring "Must Haves", So I'll just adjust it to what I like. As long as your not wearing acid wash mom jeans with the pockets starting at your hips, and KEDS there's still hope. If those are a staple in your closet, this probably isn't going to help you much.

1. BRIGHT colors - Think orange, pink, blue, green. Try dresses, skirts (long & mid length), tops & accessories. They suggest even to mix the colors. Think pink top, with orange pants/skirt. Or mixing purple with green & blue. Also maybe a pink dress, with bright blue shoes. Coloring blocking is very of the moment.

2. Thick heels - When I told my Mother this news this weekend while we were shopping she was very quick to say "Good thing I bought those Jessica Simpson shoes you told me NOT to buy, Huh?" Yes, Mother. For myself, I'm not a thick heel fan unless it's a wedge. If you on the other hand are, ROCK'EM this season.

3. Colorful Stripes - Thick stripes, thin stripes, vertical, horizontal, v-shaped. If it's striped and cute, totally go for it!!

4. Envelope Bags - Think a little purse shaped like an envelope, with a chain or thin strap. I must have the biggest purse available, but I think they are super cute & stylish.

5. Sleeveless Jackets - the latest tailored piece is ultra-versatile this season. Wear it casual with a tank and jeans, or take it up a notch with skinny pants or a floaty dress. I'm really into this look for some reason. Jeans, tank top, heels/flats, big sunglasses & a floppy bag .. YES PLEASE! Make sure your top is slightly longer then your jacket, unless your jacket V's in the front. if you wanna add a hint of feminine to the outfit, find jackets that have a hint of a sleeve. Delicious look!

6. Sexy Snakeskin - Whether the real deal, or a print, this exotic looking texture is everywhere and here to stay. Try silky tops, hot heels, bags and belts. I dig this look, and actually bought a belt & sandals with the print this weekend. Snake skin screams sassy, and I absolutely love all the shoes out right now that are snake skin. If you're not sure if the look is you, maybe try some flip-flops to get a feel for it. If you like it, add a few small pieces.

7. Modern White - let's face it, this is pretty easy. Celebs are trading in their LBD's (little black dresses) for LWD's. Pair the outfit with a bright heel and or bag or snake skin.

8. Peasant Tops - Hallelujah!!! Peasant tops will work with any figure. They hide everything we don't want people to see. I bought 2 this weekend!! You can belt the longer ones, or buy some with the elastic on the bottoms to help give you a waist. The ones I found this weekend were from Old Navy. I had boycotted Old Navy because I felt all their stuff looked the same, so I was pleasantly surprised to see some really cute tops for $10-$12. They have everything from bright solids, to flowers. My Mom said "That's kinda loud, don't you think?" but I didn't care. I'm in love with the pattern, kinda hippie like ;) Anyways, buy at will and enjoy the room!

9. Bright Gold - bracelets or necklaces, dramatic pieces are a key accent piece - and they go with everything. I scored a really cute Jessica Simpson statement necklace at Dillards this weekend. Regular $60, but I got it for $16. They have 70%-80% off some of their jewelry in the stores. As you can see I really LOVE Jessica Simpson's stuff. Her line is always fresh and reasonable. I started with her purses, and then moved to shoes and now her jewelry. She has now added clothing to her line, but I have yet to buy anything. Alright, back to gold. I also bought some gold snake skin wedges for $26. So don't limit the gold to just jewelry. Think chains, links & coins. Gaudy is okay at the moment, so have fun with it.

10. Flirty Florals - The always pretty pattern is vintage inspired this season in dresses, skirts & tops. May I suggest killing two birds by buying a flirty floral peasant top ;)

Happy Shopping!

**Channel 13 has a show called Mirror Mirror. They film locally, so any shop they show is in Houston. They cover shopping, styles, deals, make-up, hair. You name, they go over. It's 30 minutes, and usually on after the news on Sundays. Set your DVR's if you're interested.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Nude Shoe Revolution 2011

I'm SUPER proud of all of you who went and bought, or even thought about buying this seasons must have nude pump/sandal. They can be worn with anything. Pants, capri's, dresses & shorts. Hell, slip them on when your naked and you'll still be thinking they look fabulous. We need to plan a girls night, and all wear them. That would make a really cute and very gay picture. I shall acknowledge now, because I know she's thinking it. Erin invested in some last season as did I 2 years ago. She invested in Michael KORS though and I just bought some cute 3inch pumps at Target which I think I paid $12 for. So I had more room to invest, while she's still good to go as long as she likes the style. That's why it pays off to make sure you find the best shoe for your feet.

Here are pictures, prices & places for all our "Nude Shoe Revolution 2011" so far.

Courtney got these Jessica Simpson's at Dillards on sale for $59 (she wants me to make sure you all know she used gift cards )

Amy got these Jessica Simpsons at Marshall's in The Woodlands for $35

Jennifer (Hiner Griffin) got these BCBG's at Ross for $39

I originally bought some Jessica Simpson's at Dillards for $89, but when I went to Target I saw a pair that looked exactly the same (down to the seam in the back) for $29. So when they actually fit my toes better, I returned the JS's and bought the others. Sorry Jess!

April got these at Aldo in The Woodlands for $75, even though the site says $90. For the record, she passed on some that were $118 so $75 is better then that ;)

Nice find Dolls ;)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Warbrobe Staples

Sometimes it seems you have absolutely nothing to wear in your closet. These few staples are a must to ensure you do have something to wear. Remember not wanting to wear it, isn't the same has having nothing to wear.

1. Dark jeans or dark capri's - The dark fabric is more forgiving than light. It instantly slims you. I'll go into the "jean rules" when I strictly focus on jeans. Just keep in mind, you don't want the pockets to start at your waist because that will make your butt look really long and that's not attractive on anyone. I also prefer something with a square flat pocket. The pocket will automatically shape your butt because it will give the illusion of a nice tight bottom as long as the cut suits your frame. We'll discuss jean cuts later. I suggest having a few pair that can be worn with heels, and some short enough to wear with flats/flip-flops. You don't want your jeans to drag the ground. That's sloppy and looks lazy. When wearing heels, they should rest right where your ankle meets your foot. You wanna show off those sexy heels, don't you?

2. A top that's flowy through the mid section if you have that dreaded back fat - Nobody wants to see the buldge under your top wether it's the midsection or back. if you have nice arms, by all means show them off. If they are slightly flabby and you have major bat wings please wear sleeves. 3/4 length is a good place to start. I like tops that are forgiving in the middle, but then fit tighter around my hips. This will help create your waist. If they top is all flowy, your figure will get completely lost. I like boatneck cuts because you can wear them straight across, or move the neck slightly over to expose your should on one side. It adds a subtle sexiness to your look, without having to try. If you find a top that's not fitted, and kinda slouchy/casual make sure the back falls at the middle of your pockets or add a belt to create a waist. Scoop necks also work well

3. Black, brown, nude/beige or even gray shoes will allow you to wear them with everything you have. I'll always prefer a heel because it makes you looks skinner. I don't like a chunky heel because I tend to think it makes the bottom of your outfit look thick. There's a few exception like clogs, and wedges but you wouldn't normally wear those with jeans. They have so many shoe options that give a sexy vibe, so don't be afraid to be sexy. Platform heels are really hot right now. A few seasons back I might have considered them a trend, but I think they are here to stay. Don't automatically think platform = HOOKER. That's so not the case. I think you have to be confident to wear them, but I tell you, they are super cute and shouldn't be over looked when considering heels. From strapy sandals, to peep toe and open toe. I was a late to the "platform party." I kept thinking when I saw them on the celebrities and in the fashion mags that they couldn't possibly be comfortable, but I was wrong. The platform allows your heel to be 4-5 inches without thinking you'd rather cut your foot off then wear them for another second. I've had those kinda shoes before, and as I get older I'm not interested if they aren't comfortable. Flats are pretty simple to pick out based on color, but really hard based on comfort. I was so annoyed when I couldn't find any that wouldn't rub a blister. The designer Tory Burch is known for her flats. They feel like heaven on your feet, but they will cost you $150 and up. She has an outlet store, but they are so sought after they are pretty much the same price as in the store. But if you're a flat kinda person, you might wanna consider investing the money into a neutral pair. For those who won't be spending that kind of money on flats I have found that if you put a backing on the inside of the heel, your blister problem is fixed. You can find shoe kits on the shoe section of Target. I highly recommend this trick. All my flats now have a gel insert, as do some of my heels. It's complete genius. Before I wrap up the shoe section I also wanna add that you can totally pick a heel or flat that's an animal print. You just treat them as if they were a neutral color. They look fabulous with any colored top. The top doesn't have to be black or brown. I have a pair of cheetah flats that I wear when I wanna add a bit of style. So if your feeling a little crazy & playful, totally go for it. Dillards, Macy's & Victoria Secrets are all having massive shoe sales at the moment.

4. You should have some jewelry in your NEEDS. Something that represents silver, and something for gold. When I was younger I shunned gold because like most of us that age because I thought gold was for old people or gaudy. I've since changed my mind. Some people have a certain necklace they wear. I wear a Tiffany's silver bar that Kevin bought me years ago, and Erin & Natalie each wear a necklace that have their kids name on a charm like disc. You don't have to take those off in order to wear another necklace. Just make sure the other necklace is longer then the one you normally wear. You can layer multiple necklaces, as long as you wear them at different lengths and keep them in the same color tone. You can be wearing a plain black top, and once you add a necklace you take your top to a whole other level. Keep in mind, if you have some cute chain belts, they can also be used as necklaces as long as you can hook it in the back. I have a gold chain belt I got at Target on clearance for $3, and I have worn it as a necklace. So I get double use out of something I only spent $3. So if your out & about and you see a cute chain like belt on sale, buy it and you can have multiple uses for it. Even if the belt would be too small or big worn as a "belt" if it's a steal go for it. If it's something thin, you could also wrap it around as bracelets. Be creative. I also think people should have bangle bracelets & hoop earrings. Again, something silver & gold or buy things that combine the silver & gold already so you're good either way. I am digging the different metals jewelry at the moment. Copper, silver, bronze things like that. It kinda has a rocker edge to it, which I love. We get a lot of jewelry at NY & Company in the mall. They usually have buy 1 get 1 50% and sometimes they have everything for 75% off which is a fantastic deal considering they are reasonably priced to begin with. Target also usually has a bunch of things clearanced out. I just bought a ring by one of the designers that do a Limited Edition collection for Target so the "everyday" person can afford it. Anyways, it was regularly $29.99 and I got it for $5. Usually people who go to Target have a limit on what they wanna spend on something from Target, and all those Limited Edition lines end up on clearance, so make sure you remember to look. Also, sometimes they clearance out the jewelry in the cases so you can find some good deals in there because noone ever looks in the case for a sale. So there's a shop tip for you ;) Big department stores like Macy's & Dillards also have good deals at times. I just bought a pair of gold leaf Jessica Simpson earrings for $6, so deals are out there. Forever 21 also has awesome jewelry prices, and their collection covers anything you could possibly be looking for. Forever 21 can also offer cute tops for a steal. Mind you, the quality isn't all that fantastic but if you're looking for something under $20 that's a good place to start.

5. I like carrying a clutch sometimes when I go out. Its more chic then carrying around a big ole purse. Consider something metallic, or something with color to give your outfit that pop. Just something big enough to hold your phone, and wristlet/card holder. You can carry your lip gloss and gum. Nowadays companies make digital cameras so small they will slip right in too. Just another alternative for when you're out. These are a really good deal, and offer a few different patterns.

6. LIP GLOSS!! Everyone should carry lip gloss with them. It keeps your face and make-up looking fresh. It shows you care about how you look.

Alright, I'm pretty confident if you have these items in your closet you'll always have something to work with and add to.

We're going to be posting links to some great sales going on. Also, remember to sign up for emails from your favorite stores so you know when their sales are and get coupons!

My Intentions

Hi, well I have no idea what I'm doing so you'll have to suggest things and help me out, please.

Alright, I'm starting this blog mainly for 2 reasons. 1st being, I don't work, and like most of us who don't, money can be an issue and finding deals become very important. Some people just don't know where to look, or the little tricks that could amount to huge savings. I can't stand hearing "I don't have the money to dress nice." Yes you do, because you can find cute things at Target & even Walmart if that's where your budget is. Truth be told though, you can find designer things for the same price as you'd pay at Target sometimes. You can even find things at thrift stores. I've been researching some designer 2nd hand stores in Houston, and I'm looking forward to going to a few. And 2nd, because quite frankly some people just scare me with their choices. I understand some people just don't care, and that's cool they probably won't read this blog at all but those who enjoy looking cute this could benefit you in some way. I personally feel better about myself when I look cute. Self confidence is hard to find at times for all of us, but I promise you'll have a sass in your step if you know you look cute and everyone around you will feel it too.

I'd love for everyone to help out, and share any tips or deals you may find too. Not everyone is gonna "love" my taste, so if we all contribute maybe we can touch base on everyone's taste. I'd also love questions or advice. More times then not I like a 2nd opinion and I don't mind asking for one considering I'm about to spend money on something. Sometimes Erin & I run outfits by each other first before we wear them. It's just another way to make sure you're making the right choice, and next time you'll know for sure. When I offer an idea, I'll include a splurge & a deal on this blog. When I say splurge I mean something possible, not something like Coco Chanel or Prada. I'd love to afford stuff like that, but I can't and not that I know all of your finances but more then likely you can't either ;) BUT I promise, if I do find something like that I WILL be sharing.

I read a lot of magazines weekly, so I'm pretty current on trends and I also watch a few shows that I have fallen in love with. The deal with trends though, is you shouldn't spend a lot of money on them because more then likely they will become obsolete and you're stuck with furry bedazzled clogs that cost you $150. You should invest in pieces that will carry from season to season like jeans and something like black shoes & certain boots. Obvious things like that. When I see something that I just have to have and it's something trendy, I immediately look for something I like just as much but for 1/2 the price. So when it becomes "so last season" I don't feel as guilty as I would had I spent $100 on it.

Anyways, those are a few things I hope to discuss with you all. Since there is a ton of fashion stuff, I'm thinking I'll tackle them as they come to me or with your suggestions. I wanted to get this part out so you could decide if this was something you were interested in. I'll work on a specific post tonight. Happy Shopping.