Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Beyond the Rack ...

Is it just me or does "Beyond the Rack" sound like the name of some book a porn star or maybe Dolly Parton would write? So, I sign up for a bunch of crap because I love a good deal. I have found though that some people are way better shoppers then myself, because when I finally pay attention and see a sale is going on on a specific designer I like, either my size is gone or it's SOLD OUT! And I'll admit, I get a little pissy when I see something good I missed. I also know, that's part of the game.

I have 2 websites that you may wanna check out from time to time. Both websites require you to sign up for them, and they both will send you emails about sales they are having. Some sales are only for 24HOURS. I assume it's because they probably don't carry a huge amount of stock, so it sells out pretty fast. The 1st one is . NOW before you click on it you should know this is a luxury designer site. Think Prada, Christian Louboutin's, Dolce & Gabbana. So the SALE price is still pricey. But I have honestly seen some CL's for as cheap as $150/$200. So you may get lucky and stumble upon the best deal of your life, or you'll think "I really wish I was Oprah!!" Either way, you now have the website.

The 2nd site is This site has a little of everything. Clothes, shoes, accessories, house decor. They also carry all kinds of designers. I've seen Oscar de la Renta to BCBGeneration to Ray Ban. I've also seen MAC make-up & Smashbox will be having a big sale tomorrow. So I've seen $20 shoes, and $700 jackets. Just depends on what designer they are featuring that day. This site is a little different then envite. If you add something to your bag you have 20minutes to actually buy it or it goes back into stock for others to buy. They will only "reserve" it for you for 20minutes. So something could say "Reserved by others" but become available at any time until it sales out. They call them "events", and some events are gay like Christian Audigier aka the higher end of Ed Hardy but everything is separate, so you don't have to click on anything your not interested in seeing.

OH, and one more thing. I have found that you can find some decent shoe deals on amazon. It looks like they all sell some kind of stock to amazon, and sometimes it will say "add to cart to see price" because Amazon is selling it way below the market, and by contract they can't advertise that you can buy these Steve Madden wedges here on Amazon for $24 when they are $79 everywhere else. It will say price $24-$79.00, and once you add to your cart the price is the lowest most times. Sometimes it depends on the size you're needing too. I know this, because I looked it up in Amazon's FAQ ;)

Happy Shopping!


  1. Much better blog backdrop ;)

  2. I am reading your blog even though I'm very unstylish and cheap but if you see any MAC cosmetic sales anywhere, I need an instant alert because I love MAC almost as much as I love you.