Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Intentions

Hi, well I have no idea what I'm doing so you'll have to suggest things and help me out, please.

Alright, I'm starting this blog mainly for 2 reasons. 1st being, I don't work, and like most of us who don't, money can be an issue and finding deals become very important. Some people just don't know where to look, or the little tricks that could amount to huge savings. I can't stand hearing "I don't have the money to dress nice." Yes you do, because you can find cute things at Target & even Walmart if that's where your budget is. Truth be told though, you can find designer things for the same price as you'd pay at Target sometimes. You can even find things at thrift stores. I've been researching some designer 2nd hand stores in Houston, and I'm looking forward to going to a few. And 2nd, because quite frankly some people just scare me with their choices. I understand some people just don't care, and that's cool they probably won't read this blog at all but those who enjoy looking cute this could benefit you in some way. I personally feel better about myself when I look cute. Self confidence is hard to find at times for all of us, but I promise you'll have a sass in your step if you know you look cute and everyone around you will feel it too.

I'd love for everyone to help out, and share any tips or deals you may find too. Not everyone is gonna "love" my taste, so if we all contribute maybe we can touch base on everyone's taste. I'd also love questions or advice. More times then not I like a 2nd opinion and I don't mind asking for one considering I'm about to spend money on something. Sometimes Erin & I run outfits by each other first before we wear them. It's just another way to make sure you're making the right choice, and next time you'll know for sure. When I offer an idea, I'll include a splurge & a deal on this blog. When I say splurge I mean something possible, not something like Coco Chanel or Prada. I'd love to afford stuff like that, but I can't and not that I know all of your finances but more then likely you can't either ;) BUT I promise, if I do find something like that I WILL be sharing.

I read a lot of magazines weekly, so I'm pretty current on trends and I also watch a few shows that I have fallen in love with. The deal with trends though, is you shouldn't spend a lot of money on them because more then likely they will become obsolete and you're stuck with furry bedazzled clogs that cost you $150. You should invest in pieces that will carry from season to season like jeans and something like black shoes & certain boots. Obvious things like that. When I see something that I just have to have and it's something trendy, I immediately look for something I like just as much but for 1/2 the price. So when it becomes "so last season" I don't feel as guilty as I would had I spent $100 on it.

Anyways, those are a few things I hope to discuss with you all. Since there is a ton of fashion stuff, I'm thinking I'll tackle them as they come to me or with your suggestions. I wanted to get this part out so you could decide if this was something you were interested in. I'll work on a specific post tonight. Happy Shopping.


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