Friday, February 18, 2011

Nude Shoe Revolution 2011

I'm SUPER proud of all of you who went and bought, or even thought about buying this seasons must have nude pump/sandal. They can be worn with anything. Pants, capri's, dresses & shorts. Hell, slip them on when your naked and you'll still be thinking they look fabulous. We need to plan a girls night, and all wear them. That would make a really cute and very gay picture. I shall acknowledge now, because I know she's thinking it. Erin invested in some last season as did I 2 years ago. She invested in Michael KORS though and I just bought some cute 3inch pumps at Target which I think I paid $12 for. So I had more room to invest, while she's still good to go as long as she likes the style. That's why it pays off to make sure you find the best shoe for your feet.

Here are pictures, prices & places for all our "Nude Shoe Revolution 2011" so far.

Courtney got these Jessica Simpson's at Dillards on sale for $59 (she wants me to make sure you all know she used gift cards )

Amy got these Jessica Simpsons at Marshall's in The Woodlands for $35

Jennifer (Hiner Griffin) got these BCBG's at Ross for $39

I originally bought some Jessica Simpson's at Dillards for $89, but when I went to Target I saw a pair that looked exactly the same (down to the seam in the back) for $29. So when they actually fit my toes better, I returned the JS's and bought the others. Sorry Jess!

April got these at Aldo in The Woodlands for $75, even though the site says $90. For the record, she passed on some that were $118 so $75 is better then that ;)

Nice find Dolls ;)


  1. You know I started to go to Target and try those shoes you told me about but when I tried on the ones I bought...they fit like a dream! Which I find strange because I have another pair of her shoes and it took me like a year to get them broke in. & they are still are uncomforable.

  2. I think as she's (or her company) has produced more stuff, it's better quality & fit. I was thinking recently that I honestly have more purses of hers then shoes. I only had 2 until last summer then I bought some sandals, and now just another pair of heels Court and I got for a steal .. but they aren't totally fab. (I do have 2 pairs of boots though) So I can't say I'm a JS shoe expert.