Sunday, February 20, 2011

Spring 2011 MUST HAVE'S

So, as I have stated before I am a magazine junkie. Mostly because I swear I should be famous for something, or I should have a friend who is. But alas, I'm not famous and neither are my friends so I must pretend. For over a year now, I have added People's Style Watch magazine to my rotation. It doesn't come out every week, so it's only like a monthly thing. Anyways, anything that I say here on this blog will more then likely come from there, so that's a really nice source of information. At the very least, it can guide you into the right direction. I honestly think fashion is still hugely based around your personal style. I don't like all the new Spring "Must Haves", So I'll just adjust it to what I like. As long as your not wearing acid wash mom jeans with the pockets starting at your hips, and KEDS there's still hope. If those are a staple in your closet, this probably isn't going to help you much.

1. BRIGHT colors - Think orange, pink, blue, green. Try dresses, skirts (long & mid length), tops & accessories. They suggest even to mix the colors. Think pink top, with orange pants/skirt. Or mixing purple with green & blue. Also maybe a pink dress, with bright blue shoes. Coloring blocking is very of the moment.

2. Thick heels - When I told my Mother this news this weekend while we were shopping she was very quick to say "Good thing I bought those Jessica Simpson shoes you told me NOT to buy, Huh?" Yes, Mother. For myself, I'm not a thick heel fan unless it's a wedge. If you on the other hand are, ROCK'EM this season.

3. Colorful Stripes - Thick stripes, thin stripes, vertical, horizontal, v-shaped. If it's striped and cute, totally go for it!!

4. Envelope Bags - Think a little purse shaped like an envelope, with a chain or thin strap. I must have the biggest purse available, but I think they are super cute & stylish.

5. Sleeveless Jackets - the latest tailored piece is ultra-versatile this season. Wear it casual with a tank and jeans, or take it up a notch with skinny pants or a floaty dress. I'm really into this look for some reason. Jeans, tank top, heels/flats, big sunglasses & a floppy bag .. YES PLEASE! Make sure your top is slightly longer then your jacket, unless your jacket V's in the front. if you wanna add a hint of feminine to the outfit, find jackets that have a hint of a sleeve. Delicious look!

6. Sexy Snakeskin - Whether the real deal, or a print, this exotic looking texture is everywhere and here to stay. Try silky tops, hot heels, bags and belts. I dig this look, and actually bought a belt & sandals with the print this weekend. Snake skin screams sassy, and I absolutely love all the shoes out right now that are snake skin. If you're not sure if the look is you, maybe try some flip-flops to get a feel for it. If you like it, add a few small pieces.

7. Modern White - let's face it, this is pretty easy. Celebs are trading in their LBD's (little black dresses) for LWD's. Pair the outfit with a bright heel and or bag or snake skin.

8. Peasant Tops - Hallelujah!!! Peasant tops will work with any figure. They hide everything we don't want people to see. I bought 2 this weekend!! You can belt the longer ones, or buy some with the elastic on the bottoms to help give you a waist. The ones I found this weekend were from Old Navy. I had boycotted Old Navy because I felt all their stuff looked the same, so I was pleasantly surprised to see some really cute tops for $10-$12. They have everything from bright solids, to flowers. My Mom said "That's kinda loud, don't you think?" but I didn't care. I'm in love with the pattern, kinda hippie like ;) Anyways, buy at will and enjoy the room!

9. Bright Gold - bracelets or necklaces, dramatic pieces are a key accent piece - and they go with everything. I scored a really cute Jessica Simpson statement necklace at Dillards this weekend. Regular $60, but I got it for $16. They have 70%-80% off some of their jewelry in the stores. As you can see I really LOVE Jessica Simpson's stuff. Her line is always fresh and reasonable. I started with her purses, and then moved to shoes and now her jewelry. She has now added clothing to her line, but I have yet to buy anything. Alright, back to gold. I also bought some gold snake skin wedges for $26. So don't limit the gold to just jewelry. Think chains, links & coins. Gaudy is okay at the moment, so have fun with it.

10. Flirty Florals - The always pretty pattern is vintage inspired this season in dresses, skirts & tops. May I suggest killing two birds by buying a flirty floral peasant top ;)

Happy Shopping!

**Channel 13 has a show called Mirror Mirror. They film locally, so any shop they show is in Houston. They cover shopping, styles, deals, make-up, hair. You name, they go over. It's 30 minutes, and usually on after the news on Sundays. Set your DVR's if you're interested.


  1. Hallelujah is right! I totally bought a floral peasant top at ON this weekend too! And I'm going back for another peasant (non floral) since they didn't have my size in one. I also have not bought anything for myself at ON in quite some time. I went for kids clothes but couldn't take my eyes off those tops! I ended up wearing mine to church yesterday even though I had something else picked out. I'm a little bloated at the moment so I was so happy to have bought the shirt that totally hid it for me! I'm also in love with the hippie, floral, big bag, aviator sunglasses and cute sandals at the moment!

    Happy shopping loves!!

  2. We better not have the same freaking top!! ;)




  5. LOVE it! I was eyeballing the large print blue one. I also got an over-sized striped boat-neck for like $9. I'm really glad they now have some new stuff. Although, I still hate the way their pants/capri's fit my ass :/ SOO not flattering.

  6. I haven't bought a pair of pants from there in years! Can't do it! They do finally have some cute stuff out thought, at least in tops.

  7. You could have been famous if you had been on Jimmy Kimmel! Blame the City of Magnolia!!!

    I'm gonna say I'm not diggin the thick heel but to each it's own!

    I did get some "metalic faux snakeskin" sandals today at ON when I had to return a top. They weren't on sale ... oh well :/

  8. Cute!! And $20 isn't bad. I took your advice Amy and added Marshalls to the list when I went shopping with Mom and we were both pleasantly surprised with the shoe selection. She got some sandals, and I got these for $24. The pic doesn't really show the multi color all that well, but y'all get the picture. Yeah, I can do without the thick heels too. I love wedges, but not thick brick heels.