Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Warbrobe Staples

Sometimes it seems you have absolutely nothing to wear in your closet. These few staples are a must to ensure you do have something to wear. Remember not wanting to wear it, isn't the same has having nothing to wear.

1. Dark jeans or dark capri's - The dark fabric is more forgiving than light. It instantly slims you. I'll go into the "jean rules" when I strictly focus on jeans. Just keep in mind, you don't want the pockets to start at your waist because that will make your butt look really long and that's not attractive on anyone. I also prefer something with a square flat pocket. The pocket will automatically shape your butt because it will give the illusion of a nice tight bottom as long as the cut suits your frame. We'll discuss jean cuts later. I suggest having a few pair that can be worn with heels, and some short enough to wear with flats/flip-flops. You don't want your jeans to drag the ground. That's sloppy and looks lazy. When wearing heels, they should rest right where your ankle meets your foot. You wanna show off those sexy heels, don't you?

2. A top that's flowy through the mid section if you have that dreaded back fat - Nobody wants to see the buldge under your top wether it's the midsection or back. if you have nice arms, by all means show them off. If they are slightly flabby and you have major bat wings please wear sleeves. 3/4 length is a good place to start. I like tops that are forgiving in the middle, but then fit tighter around my hips. This will help create your waist. If they top is all flowy, your figure will get completely lost. I like boatneck cuts because you can wear them straight across, or move the neck slightly over to expose your should on one side. It adds a subtle sexiness to your look, without having to try. If you find a top that's not fitted, and kinda slouchy/casual make sure the back falls at the middle of your pockets or add a belt to create a waist. Scoop necks also work well

3. Black, brown, nude/beige or even gray shoes will allow you to wear them with everything you have. I'll always prefer a heel because it makes you looks skinner. I don't like a chunky heel because I tend to think it makes the bottom of your outfit look thick. There's a few exception like clogs, and wedges but you wouldn't normally wear those with jeans. They have so many shoe options that give a sexy vibe, so don't be afraid to be sexy. Platform heels are really hot right now. A few seasons back I might have considered them a trend, but I think they are here to stay. Don't automatically think platform = HOOKER. That's so not the case. I think you have to be confident to wear them, but I tell you, they are super cute and shouldn't be over looked when considering heels. From strapy sandals, to peep toe and open toe. I was a late to the "platform party." I kept thinking when I saw them on the celebrities and in the fashion mags that they couldn't possibly be comfortable, but I was wrong. The platform allows your heel to be 4-5 inches without thinking you'd rather cut your foot off then wear them for another second. I've had those kinda shoes before, and as I get older I'm not interested if they aren't comfortable. Flats are pretty simple to pick out based on color, but really hard based on comfort. I was so annoyed when I couldn't find any that wouldn't rub a blister. The designer Tory Burch is known for her flats. They feel like heaven on your feet, but they will cost you $150 and up. She has an outlet store, but they are so sought after they are pretty much the same price as in the store. But if you're a flat kinda person, you might wanna consider investing the money into a neutral pair. For those who won't be spending that kind of money on flats I have found that if you put a backing on the inside of the heel, your blister problem is fixed. You can find shoe kits on the shoe section of Target. I highly recommend this trick. All my flats now have a gel insert, as do some of my heels. It's complete genius. Before I wrap up the shoe section I also wanna add that you can totally pick a heel or flat that's an animal print. You just treat them as if they were a neutral color. They look fabulous with any colored top. The top doesn't have to be black or brown. I have a pair of cheetah flats that I wear when I wanna add a bit of style. So if your feeling a little crazy & playful, totally go for it. Dillards, Macy's & Victoria Secrets are all having massive shoe sales at the moment.

4. You should have some jewelry in your NEEDS. Something that represents silver, and something for gold. When I was younger I shunned gold because like most of us that age because I thought gold was for old people or gaudy. I've since changed my mind. Some people have a certain necklace they wear. I wear a Tiffany's silver bar that Kevin bought me years ago, and Erin & Natalie each wear a necklace that have their kids name on a charm like disc. You don't have to take those off in order to wear another necklace. Just make sure the other necklace is longer then the one you normally wear. You can layer multiple necklaces, as long as you wear them at different lengths and keep them in the same color tone. You can be wearing a plain black top, and once you add a necklace you take your top to a whole other level. Keep in mind, if you have some cute chain belts, they can also be used as necklaces as long as you can hook it in the back. I have a gold chain belt I got at Target on clearance for $3, and I have worn it as a necklace. So I get double use out of something I only spent $3. So if your out & about and you see a cute chain like belt on sale, buy it and you can have multiple uses for it. Even if the belt would be too small or big worn as a "belt" if it's a steal go for it. If it's something thin, you could also wrap it around as bracelets. Be creative. I also think people should have bangle bracelets & hoop earrings. Again, something silver & gold or buy things that combine the silver & gold already so you're good either way. I am digging the different metals jewelry at the moment. Copper, silver, bronze things like that. It kinda has a rocker edge to it, which I love. We get a lot of jewelry at NY & Company in the mall. They usually have buy 1 get 1 50% and sometimes they have everything for 75% off which is a fantastic deal considering they are reasonably priced to begin with. Target also usually has a bunch of things clearanced out. I just bought a ring by one of the designers that do a Limited Edition collection for Target so the "everyday" person can afford it. Anyways, it was regularly $29.99 and I got it for $5. Usually people who go to Target have a limit on what they wanna spend on something from Target, and all those Limited Edition lines end up on clearance, so make sure you remember to look. Also, sometimes they clearance out the jewelry in the cases so you can find some good deals in there because noone ever looks in the case for a sale. So there's a shop tip for you ;) Big department stores like Macy's & Dillards also have good deals at times. I just bought a pair of gold leaf Jessica Simpson earrings for $6, so deals are out there. Forever 21 also has awesome jewelry prices, and their collection covers anything you could possibly be looking for. Forever 21 can also offer cute tops for a steal. Mind you, the quality isn't all that fantastic but if you're looking for something under $20 that's a good place to start.

5. I like carrying a clutch sometimes when I go out. Its more chic then carrying around a big ole purse. Consider something metallic, or something with color to give your outfit that pop. Just something big enough to hold your phone, and wristlet/card holder. You can carry your lip gloss and gum. Nowadays companies make digital cameras so small they will slip right in too. Just another alternative for when you're out. These are a really good deal, and offer a few different patterns.

6. LIP GLOSS!! Everyone should carry lip gloss with them. It keeps your face and make-up looking fresh. It shows you care about how you look.

Alright, I'm pretty confident if you have these items in your closet you'll always have something to work with and add to.

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